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Product Description

Size(cm): 80.0cm x 68.0cm
Size(inch): 32″ x 26″
Material: Printed on canvas
Description: High Quality printed on Spun Silk Canvas. Absolutly unique style on ebay. This Thangka has been mounted with plastic scrollis, Ready for hanging on the wall, or rolled up for storage. The plastic scrolls can be easily removed and the Thangka piece can be directly set inside a frame. It has been blessed by the Abbot of the Emei Shan Huazang Temple. It come with the Consecrated Certificate and the Blessed Mantra to protect the owner from evil.

A Tibetan Thangka is a painting of a sacred image or deity on cloth (usually cotton canvas or silk). The delicate, detailed imagery is hung in meditation centers, personal ritual spaces, and even yoga classrooms – anywhere we would like to remind ourselves of the Divine. These richly colored paintings are intended to bring the essence of Spirit into our homes and sacred spaces.

The eight treasures, also called eight auspicious symbols,

Dhvaja – the banner signifies the victory of Buddhism.
Kalasa – the vase symbolizes treasury of all spiritual wealth.
Padma – the lotus flower symbolizes purity.
Sankha – the white conch shell symbolizes the blessedness of turning to the right and proclaiming the glory of the saints by its’ humming sound.
Srivatsa – the endless knot symbolizes the endless cycle of rebirth.
Two Fishes – symbolizes being rescued from the ocean of misery of earth existence.
Wheel of Dharma – the wheel of Dharma symbolizes the teaching of Buddha’s doctrine.
White Parasol – symbolizes protection from evil desires.