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Product Description

Size(cm): Top width: 35cm, Bottom width: 40cm, Height: 60cm
Size(inch): Top width: 14″, Bottom width: 16″, Height: 24″
Material: Silk, Wood SCROLL, Print on canvas, BLESSED IN HUAZANG MONASTERY
Description: High Quality gilding and printed on the canvas. Absolutly unique style on ebay. This Thangka has been mounted with wood scrolls, Ready for hanging on the wall, or rolled up for storage. It has silk cover to protect the thangka from dust.

A Tibetan Thangka is a painting of a sacred image or deity on cloth (usually cotton canvas or silk). The delicate, detailed imagery is hung in meditation centers, personal ritual spaces, and even yoga classrooms – anywhere we would like to remind ourselves of the Divine. These richly colored paintings are intended to bring the essence of Spirit into our homes and sacred spaces.


The recitation and sadhana of this protectress deity confer great benefit and protection. One such example befitting to this context is described in the first chapter of the Pancaraksha sutra. It is said that one who holds the dharani of Mahapratisara will be protected from all forms of illness, eliminate the past non-virtuous karma, protect from all sorts of dangers. They take rebirth in higher realms. Their body becomes a vajra body not affected by fire, weapons and others.

In Bhadrakalpavadana it is said that Buddha Shakya-muni renounced his palace life before the birth of his son Rahula. He touched his wife Yasodhara’s navel with his thumb finger of right foot and made a great vow that she be protected from great dangers which were to come to her in the future. After his great renunciation Yashodhara bore his child for six years inside her womb. Before the delivery of the child Rahula she was put to many hazardous trials and tribulations by his cousin Devadutta. But in all cases Yashodhara came out unhurt due to the miraculous power of Mahapratisara Devi. Nepalese Buddhists thus wear amulets for their protection against various sorts of unseen dangers. These amulets contain the dharani of Mahapratisara Devi.